Customized Rubber Stamp—for Home or Business Use

Exploring the uses of a customized rubber stamp

Home Use

Whether you’re a serious scrap booker or just someone who likes to send out an occasional note via “snail mail,” you can find many uses for a customized rubber stamp. For the most practical uses, have a stamp created with your return address. That way when you send out letters you can cut down on prep time and make things look crisp and clear. Of course if you’re looking to get fancy with your scrap books, you could have all sorts of rubber stamps customized for the purpose.

Business Use

Have you ever sat at a banker’s desk and seen one of those fancy customized rubber stamps with the wooden handles sitting on their desk? If so, you know that not only can one of these stamps be useful for stamping approvals, voids, or denials; but it can also provide a bit of décor for your desk.

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3 Bank Stamps Your Employees Can Use

A1 Stamps provides all sorts of stamps for public use. Some that don’t get talked about as much as they should are bank stamps. Here are a few uses for these types of stamps:

  1. Approved—Hopefully business is going well and your loan officers are approving things left and right. If so, have “approved” banks stamps customized for your employees to streamline the process. And your customers will feel great watching the stamp go on too!
  2. Denied—Sure this is your patrons’ least favorite of the bank stamps, but it is necessary all the same. In these hard economic times, there’s no doubt you’re forced to deny more loans than ever. Make it easy and uniform with a “denied” bank stamp.
  3. Void—Voiding checks is a way of life for anyone in the banking industry. How are your employees going about it? With uniform “void” stamps you will make sure that everyone does things the exact same way, avoiding any and all confusion.

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