Self-Inking Stamps for Christmas Cards

It’s that time again — time to start sending out those family Christmas cards. Now being that you’re the crafty sort, you aren’t planning on sending out store bought cards. Instead, you plan on creating your own unique greeting cards, individualized for specific friends and family members. Great choice — and an even better one when you decide to use self-inking stamps to help you out.

Get Custom Self-Inking Stamps to Beautify and Simplify

Self-inking Stamps are ideal for creating your own holiday greeting cards. While you can create various designs to keep each card looking fresh and original, a self-inking stamp represents an easy way to tie all of your designs together. For example, you could:

  • Have a self-inking stamp made that says, “the (your last name) family” and stamp each with it
  • Get a stamp that says “cards by (your name)” and stamp the back of each card with it
  • Stamp a Christmas tree on each and then design around the stamp

Whatever design you go with, self-inking stamps will make the job quick and easy!


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